Hello readers! We've been to Boracay last April 8-10, and it was GREAT! Geoff fetched me at 6am in the morning and we went to the airport. Our flight is at 8:30am. It was our first time going there.

me and Geoff in the airport... van?
The plane with propellers!

It's also my first time to ride a plane this small. We arrived at Caticlan Airport...

rode a tricycle, to the port, then rode this boat...

I got sea sick

Lucky it was a short ride.

we rode another tricycle to our inn, and look at this!

funny, hahaha

We got out and took some pictures...

While I was playing with the sand, Geoff was hiding from the sun. We walked around the beach and waited for Angelo and Jay, their flight is at 12:30pm.


We met at around 2-3pm, we swum, chat, walked, you know, the usual. and look what I've found!


We took some jump shots...

While walking, we found 2 foreigners (Americans i think) lighting up 2 sky lanterns. The first one flew successfully, the second one didn't go far.

The next day, Angelo woke us up at 5am!!! Just to take these pictures!

then he told us to go back to sleep! UNBELIEVABLE! HAHAHA! Unlike them, I had a hard time going back to sleep. At 9am or so, we woke up and went to the beach, I got buried... with a mermaid tail...

watch me unbury myself...

we rode a banana boat!!!


we looked a lot like astronauts, haha. After that, we saw the sand castle I took a picture with yesterday ruined by the rain last night...

Angelo and Jay had some Thai massage...

while me and Geoff looked for souvenirs. After that, we meet up and ate dinner and the fun begins.

We went to Guilly's and saw this challenge...

Geoff got challenged!

Geoff accepts challenge
Geoff took the challenge
Geoff finished the challenge in 49 secs

He made it to the Hall of fame!

the three of us took one shot each

... and I received a text that my flight at 2pm tomorrow was canceled and will be transfered to the same flight with them at 7-8am...

Geoff got drunk

We party

On our way back, we saw these two girls in another bar dancing wild

On our way back, Geoff is already wasted, hahaha. oh yes, he did get it to the hall of fame... and he also did the walk of shame. hahahaha. It took us around 1.5 hrs to go to the bar from our inn, you could just imagine how long it took us to drag Geoff back.

He fell
Like all normal friends would do, we get the camera and took some shots. hahaha
my new skin color, arm vs legs

Next day, the hangover...

tricycle ride
boat ride...
plane ride...

back at Geoff's where we all fell asleep

and woke up at 1pm for lunch

here's all the pictures (about 1000 pics) and videos we took compiled...