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2015-01-06: While migrating this blog to my main site, I find this post embarrassing and very hard to read. I'm thinking whether I should delete this post. Oh whatever, I'll just go ahead and migrate this post to embarrass my future self. I'll try to fix my grammar, of course.

2020-10-18: LOL

Ok, I've got nothing to do, so here's what I think of Digimon and Pokémon.

PlotHelp save the Digital World from collapsing, and from the clutches of evil.Hero just wants to be the Best Pokémon Trainer.
CharactersThey have personal backgrounds, character dynamics, and character development. You can easily see the changes of the characters from the first episode to the last episode.They don't have much background, flat personalities, and minimum character development. In fact, Ash still have the same personality since the very first episode.
HumorDigimon’s humor are a little bit more in-depth. It requires you to know the characters' traits to understand it."Team Rocket’s blasting of agaaaaain” is never, funny, EVER. Seriously, if it's not funny the first time, it won't be funny if they say it again. They still somehow say it for every episode.
FriendshipA human can only have ONE Digimon partner. Some may not like their partner at the beginning, but they will form a bond later on the show.A human can have as many Pokémon as they want and KEEP them in their Pokéball. Call them out whenever they want to USE them in a FIGHT to PROVE how good they are. Who the heck would wanna live a Pokémon life?
BattlesOf course, humans can’t fight a Digimon whose toes are as big as the humans or a creature that has powers. That leaves their Digimon partners to fight, but that doesn’t stop the human partners from trying to do what they can. The human partners would find ways to stop the villain's plot while their Digimon partner is fighting.Humans stand there and watch Pokémon kill each other. And oh, they get to keep the enemy Pokémon against its will, if they win. Don't get me started on that Methapod vs Methopod nonsense episode.

hahaha, I have nothing to do and this is just for laughs. And yeah, I like Digimon more than Pokemon.