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So Google released a new product (in beta), It's called Google Drive. I've tried it out, and it turns out to be just Google Docs but with 5 times its capacity (5GB).

New Features

In Google Drive, the folders are now treated as directories, unlike in Google Docs which was treated as labels. Google Drive also added a grid view option.

If you're on Windows or Mac, you can download the Google Drive Program. It will sync your files to your local drive.

If you're using Google's Cloud Connect. You're gonna see some of your files missing (because you already have a copy somewhere on your local drive). You're gonna see something like these...

lastly (at least on my machine), the Application will crash right after you select shutdown. Ceasing the shutdown process until you click "Force Shutdown" or Click the close button while you still can.

I'm just waiting for Google to fix this problem.