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So I’m a BIG Mega Man fan. My favorite Mega Man series would be the Legends and the X series. I have collected (default armors) Mega Man figures. I have loved Mega Man since I was very little, and I hate Capcom for canceling the Legends 3 development. I hate Capcom for giving up on Mega Man.

So anyway, Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, who left Capcom to start his own game company Comcept, has made an announcement that would excite most of the Mega Man fans. On August 31, 2013, he announced that he wants to make a new game called Mighty No 9, and he needs our help (on kickstarter). The kickstarter page described how the game was going to be like. If you go through the page, you'll notice that it's a Mega Man game in every way, except the main character is now named Beck.

So what? Well, I'm having mixed feelings about the announcement. I love how the Mega Man spirit will continue as Beck and that I can play a "Mega Man" game again. But I don't want to have a different "Mega Man". I don't want to have a "fake" Mega Man as my main character. I know people say technically it isn't fake because it's made by the same creator. Well, technically it's also called plagiarising your own work.

What could have been a better solution? I don't know, probably buy the license from Capcom. Of course Capcom isn't going to allow that. YOU KNOW WHAT? IF YOU'RE CAPCOM, I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU! JUST HAND ME THE LICENSE TO MEGA MAN AND I'LL MAKE LEGENDS 3 ON MY OWN! THE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE THAT WAY!

I'm probably too sleepy to be blogging (ranting). Please forgive my grammatical errors... but whatever. WHATEVER EVERYONE, GOODNIGHT!

2013-09-10 update: I'm starting to like Mighty No. 9. I'm thinking of backing it. (link)