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A couple of weeks ago, my mom, little sister and I went to Raon to buy spare parts for my younger sister's monitor for repair. While searching for those parts, we came across with this store called Alexan. I remembered my friends and uncles who know electronics stuff had mentioned Alexan to me. So I went in and saw some of the kits they're selling.

I've always wanted to learn robotics, so I figured I should learn electronics first. I went to the salesperson and asked what kind of kit he would recommend to someone new like me. He didn't actually understand me, so I just asked for the cheapest kit they have. He gave me the Mosquito Pester Kit which is worth 45PHP. I thought I should buy another kit since I don't want to return to the store immediately. So I asked for the next cheapest kit and he gave me the Water Level Alarm Kit worth 95PHP. After buying those kits I got excited and wanted to go home already. Unfortunately, we haven't bought the parts for my sister's monitor yet so I have to wait patiently while we search the stores for the appropriate parts. While searching, I saw a bread board that is a lot cheaper than the ones I saw in Alexan. I heard from my friends and uncles that it is needed for electronics, so I bought it.

After buying the parts, we got home and I am finally able to play with my new "toys". Guess what? I have no idea which part is which! I know which the capacitors, resistors and transistors are but I can't tell which one is the resistor R1 and the resistor R2 and etc. Eventually, I got lazy and just left them alone and go on with my life.

Yesterday, like all Sundays, all of my mother's siblings go to my grandmother's house and get together. This time, I bought my kits and asked the two my uncles (Buddy and Jacinto) a lot of things about electronics. I learned a lot of basics from them (like how to know which resistor is which). Later, my uncle (Buddy) offered me his help to guide me through assembling the Water Level Alarm kit. After assembling it, I felt so happy that I've finally done an electronic project for the first time! I feel so stupid for feeling happy with such a shallow milestone. haha.

I don't even know if the things I've done before are considered as an electronic project. Take this for instance:

I took the fan from my computer's broken power supply and attached it to my broken attach case and used my broken mouse's USB cable. If you wonder how I have made those holes in my attach case, well... I used a paper clip and candle, go figure. HAHAHA. Anyway, my next goal in the field of electronics is to finish the Mosquito Pester kit without the guidance of my uncles.