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So apparently I haven't blogged for a LOOOOOOOONG time. Ok, maybe not that long, just LOONG (2 months, if you don't consider my bragging to be blogging). What happened to me? Well after I passed my master's thesis defense last December I was hoping to concentrate on this fan game, but instead the preprogrammed Quarter-life Crisis in our human brains executed on mine. At that time, I don't know what to do in my life. I want to take up Ph.D. in Computer Science abroad, I want to start my own game development company, I want to start working since I already have job offers and so on. Basically, I want to do everything I ever wanted to do (but has been doing nothing productive during the period).

So now what? Well apparently I still can't work, I have to wait for my thesis panelists to approved my revised document, reprint my document with the university paper, book bind, then submit. Only then I am officially an MSCS graduate. So right now, I will concentrate on doing my fan game. Yay if you're a fan. I also need to prepare my conference paper and slides for PCSC 2011 for this March. After that's done, we'll just see what path I'll choose. For now, all I can say is that my plan is still fuzzy.

Well whatever, here are some things I've done during the break...

December 28, 2010: ICE SKATING!!!

January 1, 2011: Sister's Birthday!!!

Also, due to the massive amount of pollution emitted by the fireworks, I am also calling this day, Air Pollution Day So... BELATED HAPPY AIR POLLUTION DAY!!!

What else have I done? I dunno, I've already forgotten everything else, it doesn't matter BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY 4:10AM!!! WHY AM I EVEN BLOGGING AT THIS TIME! I NEED TO SLEEP! k bye