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I wasn't able to blog last week because my old Bluetooth dongle device broke (about 5 years of usage). So today, I bought a new one.

I don't want to blog without photos. It's hard for me to describe things with words.

Anyway, I've finally managed to buy epoxy (for those of you who don't know why, click here). So once again, I opened my laptop's case.

removed the connections from the LCD.

and finally applied the epoxy to the hinge and all other cracks.

While I was waiting for the epoxy to harden, I got too happy with it and started to find things that needs bonding. First, I remembered I accidentally dropped my mosquito pester a few days back and broke one of its four leg.

So I applied the epoxy to it. Next, I remembered the handle of my mom's pan cracked a few weeks ago. So again I applied epoxy to it.

And look! I found a 3D puzzle! hahaha. The blender jar's bottom part shattered into pieces.

Unfortunately, just when I was about to begin applying epoxy I found a huge crack at the upper part. We wouldn't want to eat stuff that has been blended with epoxy right?

So the next day I hurriedly went to my laptop. I screw everything into place and the moment I lift the LCD, the epoxy went up with it. hahaha. It turns out that the case's surface paint is too smooth that the epoxy doesn't have enough grip.

For the second round, I scratched on the case's surface with a screw driver to have enough grip and friction for the epoxy. This time, I applied a little bit more epoxy just in case.

While waiting and having some excess epoxy. I've decided to make a ball out of it for fun ...and eventually just made my 10 fingers sticked together. I don't have a picture of it, I don't want to touch my phone that time. Anyway, when I was washing my hands I saved some epoxy along with it, turned it into a ball and placed it on my tall chair (sometimes used as table) immediately.

The next day, I tried lifting the LCD and everything was fine. Fine until 10 hours later when my little sister lift the LCD and cracked the epoxy. hahaha. I will not attempt to repair the hinge with epoxy anymore. I'll just find another way.

Hmm... let's see what else can I remember... I got my non-pro driving license...

I've also bought my own domain, you can visit it at

And... I don't know anymore. hahaha