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So I've been asked how I did my PlayStation startup screen on my work laptop. It's actually just a video file playback during startup, you can have any video you want.

In my case, I used this PlayStation Intro Video.

Here are the few simple steps for video playback on startup:

First create a shell script:
		totem --fullscreen "video file name"
		sleep <time to close>
		totem --quit

The first line calls Totem Media player to playback whatever video file you provided. Don't forget the ampersand (&) on the first line, so the script can continue (or you have to manually close the media player in order to continue). The second line tells the script to wait for a number of seconds before proceeding to the next line. The third line is obvious, it closes the media player.

Next, if you're using Ubuntu, go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications and a window will pop up:

You can remove the "GNOME Login Sound" so the startup sound won't play anymore. Add a new startup application. In my case, I didn't delete the "GNOME Login Sound", I just edited it.

Change the command to call the script you just created and you should be able to get something like this: