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While posting this, I saw my dirty keyboard from the pictures and I realized that my desktop is already too messy, dusty and dirty. Therefore, I declare every Thursday is computer cleaning day, starting today! (ends tomorrow).

The following will be a tutorial on how to clean your keyboard efficiently! REALLY!

Step 1: Remove keys from the board and place keys into position so it can be easily sorted out later

Step 2: Accidentally kicked everything out of place while returning the camera phone to the table; and share stupidity to the Internet! (who needs step 1?!)

Step 3: Clean the keyboard with a rag

Step 4: Wash keys with soap and leave to dry

Step 5: Say hi to the Internet (FPOM)

Step 6: Put the keys back to the board and admire yourself! (less effort when Step 2 is skipped)

Look at that! It's so clean! It's like brand new! It's all thanks to Step 2 and 5, really! Now that the keyboard is cleaned, just grab your rag and wipe everything else up.

Unbelievable right?! If you follow my steps correctly you should be able to achieve the same thing! GLOWING KEYBOARD DUE TO CLEANLINESS AND AWESOMENESS!!!