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I'm so stressed out today (private matters). But everything turned around when my phone rang. I looked at it and it was from an unknown caller. I answered it anyway, and the caller told me they have a job opening and asking if I'm interested. He told me he works for a multi-billion dollar company and is asking me if I'm ok with a "No Strings Attached" job.

Ok, it's obviously a pyramiding scam, but I love it when these guys call me. I get the chance to make a fool out of them. Anyway, the conversation goes on like this…

Caller:Blah blah blah (describing his imaginary company for like 1-2 minutes)
Me:What's the company's name?
Caller:You're a graduate of DLSU right?
Me:... yeah... so... what's the company's name?
Caller:Well actually I am currently working for 4 different multi-billion dollar companies.
Me:... so... the companies' name?
Caller:I already told you, I work for 4 different companies.
Me:... you can't even tell me your company's name?
My mom besides me:What are you doing?
Caller:Are you interested in this job?
Me:This is a pyramiding scam right?
My mom besides me:What?!
Caller:What?! No it's not! Blah blah blah
Me:You can't even give me your company's name
My mom besides me:Stop that!
Me to my mom:But it's fuuuun
Caller:This is not a pyramiding scam! (sort of shouting)
Me:Why are you angry?
Caller:I'm not angry! (Shouting)
Me:Whatever you say.
Me:Yeah… I don't like you too… (trying so hard not to laugh)
Caller:@#$%^&!!! (raging)
Me:Bye bye! (with a cheerful tone) *hangs up*
My mom besides me:You're so mean!
Me:Yeah... but he deserves it

He sure knows how to curse, haha. Clearly this isn't my first time making a fool out of them, but today's timing was perfect. I need to throw my stress away and here comes this guy waiting to be thrown at. Now I want a phone that can record my conversations so I can share them with you. haha. Anyway, be careful with these scammers, here are some tips you should know:

  1. They will mention that they're a billion-dollar/ multi-billion-dollar/ multi-something or something similar kind of company.
  2. They will mention "No Strings Attached".
  3. Won't tell you their company name (because they have none) [some will tell you a fake company name]
  4. If their "name" is unfamiliar, try asking for their website. Most companies now have their own websites (and these scammers have none).
  5. If you did managed to schedule for an "interview", the scammer won't mention that you need to bring your resume/CV.

And if you're confident enough that you're talking to a scammer. Do what I do! Make them cry! HAHA!