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So I have an MSI VR340 laptop. I've been using it for just about a year. The laptop's case is very brittle. Opening or closing the lid will result to small cracks. I feel that a little more nudge would completely shatter it to pieces. Anyway, I decided to apply some oil to reduce the resistance on the hinge. Since most of the cracks are due to the hinge being too tight.

These are the parts that flew off when I was opening the lid. The white part in the middle was part of the body of my laptop.

See that hole to the right? That's where the white piece should be. I have to buy epoxy to stick it there and for some other cracks that are not visible on the photo. I unscrew the case...

After analyzing the case, I kinda have the idea on how to put epoxy on it without sticking it to unwanted parts. Right after that, when I was about to screw everything back to place I heard a *snap*. It was a sign, A sign of stupidity.

I saw two wires pointing upwards. I was panicking and angry at myself (and even bother to take a photo of it). I saw ONE outlet perfectly fit for BOTH the wires. Both wires looks exactly the same, so I thought... it could be a spare? I don't know so I'm gonna go with "it's a spare" theory. I covered the case and screw the lid back in place. I tried turning it on, but it didn't. Then I saw the battery light blinking, guess it's a false alarm. This time, I tried tuning it on with the charger plugged in. If I screw this up, I might screw the house's electric wirings or even start a fire. I need to know if it works, so I just turned it on and for some reason, the other wire IS a spare, yay! I returned all the screws and I don't think I'll be opening this laptop's case anytime soon. haha.