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1. Update

Hi all, nothing much; Just a quick update. I have updated the running animation, not sure if I have finally fixed the problem... I have fixed some minor bugs as well.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports please report it here: link

2. Spread the love (More)

I have seen some let's plays on YouTube, let's do some more! Please don't forget to tag Capcom! Let's show them how much we love Mega Man!


  1. Go and like 100k Strong over here.
  2. Record your gameplay of the said fan game and share it on social media with the hashtags #GetMeOffTheMoon and #LegendsNeverDie.
  3. Make sure to tag Capcom (here, here, just Google search their other accounts).
  4. Let's convince Capcom to revive Mega Man. GO GO GO!

Let's Plays



  1. MML Fan Game v0.1.1