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So I was going through my past works in blender and I found this mammoth tank lying around...


I made it for my past project in Machine Learning (brainless tanks (initially) learning how to fight other tanks). So anyway, I wanted to create an original character/reaverbot/mecha design for this fan game. So I modified it and turned it into…

It's a warthog like tank, maybe I should name it Warthog? I painted it pink to match Tron's color scheme (yes, this is for Tron). I haven't put details on the tank yet though... anyways, the tank can transform into a four legged mecha...

It's much like the Feldynaught from part 1 (crossbreed of Mammoth Tank and Feldynaught?). Anyway, I'll put on the skin details of the warthog tank and post a video of it soon.