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Finally! a video update after so long.

First, we have Data! YAY!... well, you probably know that already if you follow my Google+, Twitter or Facebook Page.

Next, Mega Man now gets his falling and getting up animations. Yes, that means he can now fall... well obviously lol.

Next, I've added Fire and Ice effetcs to Fire and Ice Horokkos respectively.

Next, I've already added the purple refractor, haven't added the other colors yet though, maybe next update I will.

Lastly, and most importantly I need a music man. The game's gonna be boring without background music. I don't want to reuse the music from the actual game. I need someone who can compose music that gives the same feeling as those from the original music of the game (if you know what I mean). If you think you're that kind of person, or knows someone like that contact me ASAP.

... And here's the vid! Enjoy!