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Hi all, it has been 6 months since my last update. I've been receiving messages from you guys wondering if I have lost interest in this project. The answer is no. I just have been very busy in my academic works (e.g. Master's Thesis). I am updating once in a while when I have some time in my hands.

Here are some screenshots from the current game...

As you can see, Mega Man can now jump. I have also updated the his texture.

This is Mega Man landing from a jump facing the camera.

And finally, the shoot animation... nothing is coming out of the buster as of the moment. haha.

Why just screenshots? Well, I've tried recording the game but it was too choppy. Recording a game takes a lot of resources and my computer can't handle it. Not to worry though, I'll try recording this in someone else's computer and upload it as soon as I can.

To the ones who are sending me message, KEEP THEM COMING! It's great to see someone is interested in this project. haha. That's all for now.