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Hello! Hello! Sorta big update today! I have added another reaverbot!

It's the Hanmuru Doll (link and link)! This reaverbot (and Sharukurusu (link and link)) gives me the creeps back then. But now... it looks like it's smiling back at me... *shivers*. So anyway, I also added the servbots!

Their AI's aren't finished yet though. Fire and Ice Horokkos still doesn't have fire and ice effect. No collisions yet, and no damaged taken yet. Here's a video of what I've done so far.

... and the bad news, remember my post about my video card got busted (but was then repaired)? Well, it's at it again. A capacitor blew up again.

Remember! I do not own Mega Man (Capcom does) or work for Capcom. This is only a fan game. I do not have the right to sell this game, so I'll be giving it away for FREE (once it's done), unless Capcom forbids me! YAY!

Oh look! It's Feb 14! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!