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1. Capcom

So here we are again. Another year has passed without Mega Man Legends 3. But in the darkness, a ray of hope has appeared! Capcom is looking into reviving its dormant franchises *cough* MEGA MAN *cough*.

2. Fan Game

Do you even remember when I've last updated my fan game? That was five years ago. And my Mega Man fan game feed has turned into a yearly Mega Man tribute instead. Why can't we have both, right? So here's an updated look on the project.

I have migrated the project to Unity. This whole thing was made within "a month". Not really just "a month", because I just reused my old 3D models. With very minor modifications of course. It would have been impossible for me to finish this within a month if I were to start everything from scratch.

It has been pointed out that Mega Man's running animation does not look right. And my Mega Man model looks inferior to the Reaverbots.

Please don't shy away from criticizing my work. It's the only way to improve. But I am not an artist. At most I can tell that there's something wrong with the running animation but not really sure how to fix it. Most of my 3D animations works have just been a result of trial and error. Sometimes I ask for comments from my artist friends. But mostly, I just do trial and error.

OK, for the first time ever. I have made the game DOWNLOADABLE! Yay!!! If you've found any bugs just tell me. Comment it here or YouTube... should I make an issue tracker for this? Hmm... I will be taking a vacation in Taiwan next week until early January. Only minor bugs will be fixed I guess.

3. Spread the love

So what can we do? First, if you still haven't, go and like 100k Strong over here. Next, record your gameplay of the said fan game and share it on social media with the hashtags #GetMeOffTheMoon and #LegendsNeverDie. Make sure to tag Capcom (here, here, just Google search their other accounts). Let's convince Capcom to revive Mega Man. GO GO GO!



  1. MML Fan Game v0.1.0


  1. Capcom to begin reviving its dormant franchises