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  1. Capcom has pretty much given up on Mega Man.
  2. I do not own Mega Man.
  3. Because of #2, I can't sell this game
  4. Because of #3. I can't make money out of this game.
  5. It would be a waste of time to continue this game.

Re-brand this game! Say goodbye to my Mega Man Legends fan game and say hello to our new hero...

JERIC! Wow, that's a nice name for a video game character. Jeric will be taking Mega Man's role in the game. What about Roll Caskett you ask? No problem! Here's our new navigator...

JANINE! I know, I know. The 3D models aren't finished yet. But this is just a sneak peek of what's ahead for this game. I'll also be redesigning all the reaverbot into something different. And oh yeah, anyone who wants to replace Data feel free to contact me. Send me your video link doing the Data Dance, the best dancer wins the role.

Also I'll be selling my Jeric Action Figures (see early prototype) in late 2013, watch out for that. Anyway, here's a video update on Jeric Man Legends:

*april fools' day, guys