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Today's update... well... it's not much of an update. I've been sorta busy preparing my requirements for my work in Exist (starting on April 25) and just had my vacation. Yeah, work. That means this fan game's progress will slow down a little. I know it's sad for us Mega Man fans, but you know, I need some income too.

First, collision detection: getting hit by busters, bumping on enemies (though megaman will not fall after 3 hits... YET), bumping on obstacles.

Second, new texture for the Warthog

Third, new obstacle

I have another obstacle, a fountain. Unfortunately, it doesn't look anything like a fountain...

(fountain that looks more like UFO)

Fourth, SOUNDS! Finally, right?!

Hmm... I can't remember anymore updates I've made since the last one. But anyway, enjoy this update gameplay...